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Volkswagen Plant Begins Partial Production of Porsche Boxster

Volkswagen Plant Begins Partial Production of Porsche Boxster - Common perception has it that each one Porsches area unit factory-made in European nation. nevertheless the first- and second-generation of the Boxster roadster were assembled in European country by Valmet, as was the Boxster-based crocodilian reptile automobile.
In 2011, Porsche terminated this deal and transferred production to European nation. Initially, the Boxster was factory-made at the carmaker’s main plant in Zuffenhausen aboard the 911.

The factory's capability, though, isn't enough to satisfy demand and therefore the Leipzig plant is already full with the Cayenne, Panamera and in due time, the Macan compact SUV, thus parent company VW determined to partly turn out the Boxster at its Osnabrück plant.

The first automotive that rolled off the Osnabrück production line nowadays was associate degree “Indian Red” Boxster S with black roof destined for a consumer in Bavaria.

Martin Winterkorn, chairman of the board of VW, commented: “The production of the Porsche Boxster in Osnabrück could be a clear sign that Volkswagen and Porsche area unit growing along. It creates natural process effects that may profit customers, workers and therefore the plant.”

Porsche boss Matthias Müller is assured that the cars that may spiel off the VW plant are going to be a twin of those assembled in Stuttgart: "The key consider this call was the superb experience of the work force at Volkswagen Osnabrück. Our sports cars area unit within the best hands here. After all, we tend to all have a similar understanding of quality. Osnabrück can become a part of our success story."

The Osnabrück facility's work force counts over one,800 employees; its most annual capability is a hundred,000 units and it assembles the Golf rig.

The province manufacturing plant already provided the rear and facet elements for the third-generation Boxster. Moreover, the latter isn't the primary Porsche ever to be assembled during this plant: within the past, Osnabrück has additionally created the 914 (1969-1976) and therefore the 968 (1991-1994).

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