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Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet convertible (2011)

Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet convertible (2011) - Finally, the Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet is back. With a quick roof, excellent engines and a sturdy chassis, we expect it to be just as successful as its predecessors and upset its rivals.

1. Exterior
This is the Volkswagen Golf rig for a replacement generation, finally discharged once the long-lasting model’s  nine-year absence from showrooms. It’s still instantly placeable as a Golf, that includes a folding soft prime that mimics the lines of the hatchback’s typical roof. It’s lower, with a additional swept  back screen enhancing the Golf Cabriolet’s appearance with the roof down. LED daytime running lights surround the front light bulb during a distinctive pattern, adding character. It’s obscurity close to as radical because the Peugeot 308 compass point, however strikes a contented balance between that automotive and therefore the discreet Audi A3 rig.

2. Interior
The Golf rig is fitted with identical high-quality interior because the hatchback model. the most distinction is that the read out, that is simply slightly obstructed by the lower roofline and smaller rear windows of the soft prime. It’s a cultured place to be with high levels of refinement roof up or down and seating for four adults. There’s many alternative too, with cloth, animal skin (in red, white, black or brown) and black/red alcantara upholstery all on provide, albeit cost accounting further in most cases. The leather marks too simply, however the opposite shades look nice and therefore the alcantara adds a sporting flavour. It’s a fine interior which is able to leave all its rivals reeling – except maybe the equally spectacular and closely-related Audi A3 rig.

3. utility
It solely takes nine.5 seconds for the soft prime to open absolutely, creating it one among the quickest systems on the market. It may be opened or closed at quickens to around 20mph, permitting continuing operation as you manoeuvre at low speeds or the lights intercommunicate inexperienced at simply the incorrect moment. There area unit multiple skins of material to boost sound insulation, and that we found it as quiet as folding arduous prime rivals. The boot is accessed by a rear hatch door that opens upwards. There’s an affordable 250 litres of house and therefore the rear seats split and fold (50:50) to convey more room, however it are often difficult to suit awkward things through the boot gap. Rear legroom is adequate for virtually the tallest occupants, whereas those seated  within the front have ample house, subsidiary seats and there’s a good driving position.

4. Ride and handling
Removing the roof from a hatchback just like the Golf will have a devastating impact on its handling and create it rattle over bumps. Thankfully, there’s no sign of that here and solely the wind and sun cue you this can be a automotive with its prime 0.5 missing. The steering is correct and free from shakes and vibrations, which means there’s no got to take it simple around corners or over bumps for concern of the automotive flexing. it would be no sports automotive, however it will create dead brisk progress. like most cars, the ride gets additional fretful once larger wheels area unit fitted.

5. Performance
Five engines area unit on the market – 3 fuel and 2 diesels – starting from ultra-economical to superior. A 105bhp 1.2-litre turbocharged fuel may be a one among our favorite engines, and within the Golf rig it'll power the automotive to 62mph in eleven.7 seconds and on to a prime speed of 117mph. The one60bhp 1.4-litre turbo gets the Golf to 62mph in eight.4 seconds and a prime speed of 134mph whereas the 210bhp 2-litre turbo from the Golf GTi are on the market later this year. the most important merchandiser – because of an honest combination of performance and economy – is that the one.6 TDI. Developing 105bhp, it’ll reach 62mph from rest in twelve.1 seconds and reach a one7mph most, however the higher performing artist is probably going to the 140bhp 2-litre TDI, on the market later within the year. A alternative of manual and DSG semi-automatic gearboxes area unit on the market looking on the engine fitted.

6. Running prices
The 1.6-litre TDI fitted with the BlueMotion Technology pack is that the most economical alternative, with a median sixty four.2mpg and low emissions of 117g/km of carbon dioxide. The 2.0-litre TDI BlueMotion Technology isn't so much behind with sixty two.8mpg  and solely 1g/km additional carbon dioxide. the most affordable to run fuel is that the one.2-litre TSI BlueMotion Technology with forty nine.6mpg and 132g/km of carbon dioxide, while the foremost pricy is that the thirty seven.6mpg and 175g/km a pair of.0-litre TSI fuel. But, this solely tells one aspect of the story. also as being an affordable automotive to run, we tend to additionally expect the Golf rig to be vastly asked for on used automotive forecourts and expect it to carry its worth brightly as a result.

7. dependability
The latest Golf hatchback is proving terribly dependable with customers and our own long-run take a look at automotive has had no important issues over a amount of six months. The rig ought to be even as solid automatically, that includes a roof mechanism like that within the existing Audi A3 rig.

8. Safety
To improve its appearance and rear visibility the Golf rig has change bars that area unit hidden and solely crop up if they're required. several components of the automotive are strengthened throughout the re-design from hatchback to convertible, as well as the screen frame, aspect panels and doors. There’s a complement of airbags, several of that are tailored to figure specifically with the open-top style and electronic stability programme (ESP) is normal.

9. Equipment
The Volkswagen Golf rig are on the market in S, SE and GT trim levels, with normal options as well as air-con, 16-inch alloys, DAB radio, Bluetooth and daytime-running lights. On our French take a look at route the sat-nav was too imprecise once confronted by consecutive turnings at intervals shut proximity to at least one another, a drag we’ll take a look at once more once we drive the automotive within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland with native mapping.

10. Why buy?
The Volkswagen Golf rig encompasses a dateless quality and every automotive we tend to tested felt am fond of it was engineered to last for many years. There’s fun to be had behind the wheel and it’s significantly refined for atiny low convertible.

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