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Unique Super Robot Vixion Modif | orange

Unique Super Robot Vixion Modif - orange - motor vixion below does have a super unique design modifications, wherein the model body in modif like a robot future that is ready to defend the truth, as in TV movies. Full-blooded and the headlights do have modif face robot and add orange color cast across the body side of the motor Vixion itself. For more details we can see the information below.

Bluntly modifier of the motor is a story that the concept of Yamaha V-Ixion is purely from his brain. There was no effect of the builder of the world or the film and so forth. "All of a sudden kepikiran form like this," open Jarot Murdiyanto Scum of the workshop in Solo, Central Java.
For matters of order, he was little affected WJS virus or West Java Style Banyumasan growing from the region. "I saw a motorcycle with such a model with tail stump looks aggressive," added Jarot.
Pengerjaanya step is not too difficult. "I stayed behind and continued throwing order to create a new frame is much shorter," added the man was 36 years.
But, he did not dare too stumps. "Because I am still leaving room for boncenger, if true WJS doang piece seat stay," the story Jarot again.
After that just then he started thinking about the form of Bodin. "I prefer to use fiber instead of galvanized plate," said builder who does like the look of these x-treme.

That's because it intends Jarot no modifnya the same work. Therefore, by using a plate impression can last over. It felt more personal, not the market.
Because it is full of sharp angles robotic impression gained. For example, the shape of the tank. The tank is also better because there is clamped a curved section, fitted to clasp the thigh.
Form was also affecting the aft tank. "To be more harmonious, the shape of the curve is also equal to the back," said the father of three children.
Likewise, the engine guard. Jarot alias makes it one piece one piece only. But the large size. With such systems it is no part of the connection. The effect looks neat.
Impression of the robot can be if we look at his head lamp. Shaped like the head of a robot. Even the lights themselves are hidden inside the cover is placed. To exit the light there is a hole that is provided. Truly unique and different from the usual light display.

Finished business staying finishing form. Jarot cleverly chose orange and white color combination. "With such a bright color, detail the resulting curve of the body become more obvious that our creations will be seen. That would be proud, "said the owner of the garage located in the village Malangjiwan, Colomadu, Karanganyar, Solo. It's a new concept that is difficult imitated.
Custom Arm
Apart form the motor body, other things in the eyes mengelitik injection 150cc Yamaha motorcycle was there in the form of the swing arm.
Jarot recreate this entire section swing arm. He uses a pipe with a diameter of 1 inch. Construction is different from the standard arm design V-Ixion.
"But, I did not change the spacing of the wheel axis. Arm length equal to the original, "he says with a thick Javanese accent when contacted via telephone.

Arm so that uniqueness is evident then painted with white color. "If a black painted much later ngeh baseball," he continued.
As for the monosok still use the original. "We try to still use the original. principle because we reduce the cost of spending variations, "he said, grinning broadly. (


  • Front tire: 120/70-17 Swallow
  • Rear tire: 160/70-17 Battlax
  • Rims: Power
  • Sok front: Custom Byson
  • Swing arm: Handmade tubular
  • Exhaust: Custom

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