Saturday, June 30, 2012

Modification for Beginners

Modification for Beginners Many of us who like to modify the motor (modif), but many others do not. On average claiming instead prefer to make a hobby. Even many who eventually became a maniac modif. Conversely, assume that is not happy modif modif dangerous and cause costs more (wasteful).

In fact, almost all of the motor has been modified a little or a lot. Maybe people do not realize because the display did modif motor still standard. Though a number of items have changed. Replace the spark plugs are more powerful, more comfortable handlebar switch, replace the lamp models are better-looking and bright is simple modif.
Therefore, the importance of the modification is the purpose and function. Purpose of a good modification is to increase the performance and appearance of the motor so it is more secure, convenient, fast, and style.
More secure because the modifications that will either use a tool that usually after market or import of waste copotan bike better quality. Faster due to the modification, whether the engine capacity can be maximized, or the ability to control (handling) more optimized. Well, mainly this: more style. By modif, ga standard display more geeky. The combination of various accessories and tool body, ajrutan, paint, etc., can make the bike is really interesting: the more macho or sweet, depending on taste.

Who is not smitten with the motor modif style MV Agusta F4 + Yamaha R1 in this issue? If you are interested modif, start now. But beware, once tried to not end until the motor is sold.
Have a try!

Examples of modifications to this edition:

  • Model: MV Agusta F4 + Yamaha R1
  • Flow: Sport
  • Motor: Tiger 2000
  • Sok front: Up-side down former Cagiva Mito
  • Swingarm: Honda CBR400
  • Disk front: Yamaha TZR125
  • Rims DPN: Yamaha TZR125, 2.75 to 17
  • Rims blkg: Yamaha TZR125, 3.50 to 17
  • Tires: Battlax, 100/80-17, 130/70-17
  • Footstep: Kawasaki Ninja
  • Exhaust: Carbon
  • Property: Abrar Fitra

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