Sunday, March 31, 2013

2014 Ferrari F150

2014 Ferrari F150 - Fast cars manufactured by Ferrari square measure thought of because the most wonderful cars ever. it's as a result of Ferrari extremely issues on each the looks and performance. In each product, Ferrari tries to systematically equip the automobile with prime quality engine and body materials. because the original proof of their effort, Ferrari launches their new quick automobile named 2014 Ferrari F150. This new variant of quick automobile from Ferrari is extremely wonderful and prestigious. It contains plenty of sensible ideas instead.
2014 Ferrari F150
The 2014 Ferrari F150 is intended well below 104.3 inches distance and forty seven.8 inches height. The body is additionally designed terribly nicely as a cool and prestigious car. The body chassis is made from prime quality automobilebon fiber and boasts Keviar which might shield the motive force from the dangerous injury whereas the car crashes one thing.

Besides, the 2014 Ferrari F150 additionally presents terribly nice interiors coated by loveable 2 cut doors. rather than the fastened animal skin coated seats and adjustable paddles, the interiors square measure totally made-to-order by the customer. It means the customer will select any equipments and style for the automobile interiors. This refined automobile is employing a custom V12 engine which might turn out 800 HP through nine,200 rpm. Further, this engine may turn out further one hundred fifty HP from the quality K.E. Recovery System (KERS). the most recent sort of Ferrari F150 is ready to reinforce 0-100km/h sprint in three seconds solely and 0-200km/h in seven seconds. The high quantity of power supply will reach the highest speed up to 370km/h. that's terribly wonderful for a quick automobile.

Similar to the opposite Ferrari product, this 2014 Ferrari F150 is painted in cerise color with little black bit in specific spots. Further, this automobile solely will accommodate two persons at the most just like the alternative car. so as to own this type of car you wish to pay a minimum of $660,000, a really cheap worth for prestigious quick automobile ever.

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