Thursday, December 13, 2012

2013 Zeus Twelve Magnate Concept

2013 Zeus Twelve Magnate Concept - Zeus released the 2013 Zeus Twelve magnate company which will showcase a number of the options and characteristics square measure terribly enticing supercar, makes its customers interested by the inside, exterior and engine contained on 2013 Zeus Twelve magnate, Zeus Twelve, a subsidiary of grey style a brand new automobile, able to create the 3 built-to-order-models, together with luxury magnate “Birdman Edition.”
2013 Zeus Twelve Magnate Concept
Although we have a tendency to aren't positive if the term “Birdman” nothing associated do} with the rapper who appears to possess an obsession with high priced cars, we all know that magnate Birdman Edition is as daring because the remainder of the new fleet of Zeus’s Twelve.

Built for supercar options and characteristics of a luxury car, the magnate Birdman Edition comes with an extended and muscular profile with suicide doors and optional  bulletproofing. are you able to imagine the burden of this car once it bulletproofed? clearly, it'd add some meat to that that might probably hamper a small indefinite amount.
But if you are doing not worry concerning all that, 2013 Zeus Twelve magnate carrying 6.75-liter V8 engine that produces 505 HP at four,200 rpm. Translating that to the flexibility of peak performance and you've got a car which will reach a prime speed of 184 mph.

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