Friday, November 9, 2012

Scion FR-S Tuner Challenge at 2012 SEMA

Scion FR-S Tuner Challenge at 2012 SEMA - Scion shows 3 tuned versions of the descendant FR-S that were chosen for a tuner challenge on the 2012 SEMA. The descendant FR-S is that the least expensive version of the sports automotive trio of descendant, Subaru and Toyota. we've got the FR-S as a Toyota GT-86 and Subaru gt. For the SEMA 2012 descendant has chosen 3 tuner 3 months past, a FR-S and a budget of 15,000 US$ have to tailor a version of FR-S in keeping with their ideas. 
Scion FR-S Tuner Challenge at 2012 SEMA
The SEMA shows all 3 versions, and also the winner of the tuner challenge will a couple of prize of 10,000 US$ ar happy. All 3 versions ar terribly freelance here. Most hanging, the "FR S-GT" by Daniel song, that stands entirely in black and with extreme attachment elements forthwith within the eye is that this safe. The outsized rear wing and also the wide wheel arches build as a vehicle of the GT series appear the descendant FR-S. The FR-S "Minty FReSH" by Chris Basselgia, that has powered  a mintfarbige paint the colorful descendant is additionally quite outstanding. can also the FR-S by Chris Basselgia with a bodykit all spherical and black 19 "alloy wheels return up." virtually already discreetly, he then fails matte-gold FR-S "Carbon Stealth-FR-S" by John TOCA. Despite the conspicuous  paint job and also the giant front apron of the FR-S terribly elegant since is noble Carbonstyle performed several components that provides a excellent distinction to the painting. All 3 versions can delight the standardization fans, as a result of every model is incredibly self-contained and appeals to a special audience.

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