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Tips on caring for Vespa Motor

Tips on caring for Vespa Motor Taking care of Busi Vespa is identical with Busi. This is due to two-wheeler Vespa is the most frequent change spark plugs. But if the Vespa we can not mutually exchange Busi contrived? The answer could be.

Spark plugs are long-lived (morbidly mutually) is not difficult. prerequisite is the painstaking care of the vehicle user. In the language of a mechanic shop "BUSI NO OFF". Is it true those words? Below is a small research experience has shown, that vespa motorcycle spark plugs will not have to mutually exchange, long-lived alias.

Spark plug consists of two points of positive current (+) and negative current (-). Two points if it is connected with the arrangement of the platinum / CDI will generate / memercikan fire. This fire will burn gasoline that has been atomized by the carburetor. between the two points (middle) will be covered by an insulator.

Busi said to OFF and the like must be replaced if the insulator layer is covered by a crust / soot in the combustion chamber engine block. Why was the crust? the answer is in the quality of fuel and lubrication oil contained in the Vespa. remember Vespa 2-stroke vehicles, so fuel is burned contains a lot of oil.

Fuel (petrol) and quality (octane) will leave many low-soot in combustion components. If possible you should use a motor vehicle such as a high octane gasoline Pertamax or Shell super output Pertamina. Similarly, the oil side, a lot will leave the crust / soot if the side with a quality oil (additives) is low. And given the market many many brands of oil supply side, the scooter vehicle owners have an understanding of how to choose a good oil. Do not forget a lot of oil is also an outstanding addition to false.

To overcome bertumbuknya soot / crust on the spark plug (insulator) that you want can be done to clean it regularly. Open up the spark plugs of the cilinder cop. Clean using a brush with kerosene / diesel / gasoline. or can be cleaned using a brush iron.

Brush and the brush is only able to clean the insulators are visible, how to part the invisible?. Use 3-5 strands of steel wire rope clutch that is not used. Fill the hole insulator with gasoline, lighters and hold the spark plug insulator that has no crust, having seen dirty, pour, and then filled again and the match several times. Do not forget they will be opening the isolator must be submerged under the kerosene / gasoline / diesel, so that the crust of the korekan wire can be removed.

Once clean replace the spark plugs right in the stand within cilinder cop. Remember when the spark plugs MUST be cleaned after the cold conditions. Never wash in hot conditions when the spark plugs (new cilinder cop who was removed from heat), because that is the cause of the short spark plug life.

Remember the above must manually with patience.

There is also the way this manual is faster in cleaning soot / crust on the spark plug insulator holes. A quick way is of course the risk is quite large, ie, by using Accu water (water zuur) and mercury. How do some of the steps as follows:

Pour a few drops of water into the hole accu zuur spark plug insulator, allow a few seconds, then pour
After quite a waste diras crust, do washing by means of a brush (Brush) Rinso soap and water.

The model in this way only a few seconds immediately clean up the crust. But then again not too long, because if the old, metal coating / metal with no insulating layer will be eroded by water zuur. if the eroded layer is too thin to be one of the spark plugs.

The risks of taking zuur water / mercury also exists, ie if the fumes inhaled our noses would be dangerous. Hm ..... the risk is quite heavy. Heavy metals will enter our respiratory cavity. How to resolve that is not inhaled by wearing masks.

Just you know, if someone were to sell the plugs with no shirt, still clean, but low prices, please be careful, usually the result of this model of practice. The result is amazing. Once the crust removed, then scrubbed with a brush and Rinso, it is guaranteed dirt and grease oil will be wasted, Busi-was so shiny like out of the factory.

In addition to the manual above there are other ways to clean up the crust that is by using carburator cleaner. But if the carb cleaner is usually no effect on the spark plugs, because when the liquid in the spray carb cleaner, spark plug temperature becomes too cold.

If the spark plugs cleaned on a regular basis (3, 4, or 5 days), and do not wait until vespa strike, guaranteed to spark ill will never die.

The things that cause the plugs to die

The electricity generated is too small spool
Coil is too weak
Platinum / CDI weak
The low quality of Gasoline
Besides the poor quality of oil

So let's clean up one continue if there is a breakdown of the five things above, usually accelerate the destruction of the spark plug. Because it still controls the fifth condition, or if you regularly check your confused by the garage / mechanic.

DO NOT throw the BUSI

If we had to replace the spark plugs should never be discarded, because the spark plugs are used and stored lamaaaaaa .... then be used again, it is usually pretty good ignition.

After not use spark plugs with kerosene wash and store. day after tomorrow or even next year is needed, insha allah can be used


The easiest path is to maintain the spark plugs to maintain or improve the quality of fuel (gasoline) that goes into the engine (engine block). The second step is to maintain the quality of the carburetor, the carburetor for the better, the better the quality of combustion.

Another step is a step quite eccentric, aka no Standard Operating Plant (SOP) of the plant it is to boil the spark plugs. It is this last step is quite telling. yes at least by the tight rupiah sekuteris, like a child student.

SOP steps without this plant is as follows:

A. collect some old spark plugs, new spark plugs or can be purchased. 2. prepare a pot of boiling water in pot on stove as much as half. 3. after a hot start (turbulent), the input plug into the pan, allow some time until the water runs out before. Remember do not add cold water, because the temperature will change the spark plugs.

So to boil it looks like people want to boil the rhombus. Do not let the water run out, and do not always remove the spark plug if the water is boiling in the pot is still a lot. when standardized time is to boil for 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes and so on.

The longer the boil, the longer it will spark heated, then plug the resulting quality will get better.

Would be great if bought new spark plugs are also treated equally. My family experience in Tegal. The new plugs are used vespa through the process of boiling, 5 years ga never replace the spark plugs.

Once again, remember the adage NEVER throw the BUSI


Accu for the era now a vital thing for motor vehicles, including the Vespa. Accu need care because every time the machine is turned on, the batteries would have left an electric current.

When an electric current into the battery, then the elements in the battery will react. The reaction of the batteries has resulted in (1) the temperature of the batteries heat up and evaporate water, (2) the head of the batteries, especially the positive (+) there will usually lead to clotting and rust.

Because it continues to control the content of water and batteries, at least once a month. Similarly, the head of the batteries must be frequently cleaned with a brush that has been soaked in hot water use.

If the routine care and long-lasting batteries continues to be used. And do not forget, if we lamaa scooter ....... not used better accu-ny aja released. Castings / remove the batteries and store water in dry conditions and reversed. It means that there is a hole under the battery. When they wanted to wear, water recharge and water zuur batteries, such as new batteries.

The above treatment only for liquid batteries, while for dry batteries do not apply. How to care for dry batteries?

Dry batteries do not need water treatment accu checks, but because he tidakberair is maintenance free. Only remember, dry batteries have enemies, namely the head of accu scalded (+ nutmeg uatamanya). If scalded nutmeg + electricity generated is usually not optimal. The second enemy is the battery short circuit between the axis of the subu + -. because it's usually when we use the dry batteries, all batteries closed head plastic coating.

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